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A clean and safe living room

Dear clients,
we would like to make it clear to you that nothing is more important to us than your safety and comfort when you visit us. That's why we are committed to the highest standards in the industry.

For your safety of mind:

  • We sanitize all tools that are reusable in accordance with  to best practices. Tools that cannot be disinfected are discarded or given to the customer after use.

  • All products used are of professional and safe quality

  • The best possible measures are taken to reduce exposure to odors emanating from the various products, to their vapors, as well as to the dust released during processing.

  • The use of the electric file is done with precaution, that is to say following training, without pain, as well as with particular attention in order to keep your natural nails healthy.

In order to preserve your peace of mind and eliminate any concerns regarding foot care, here is what we offer:

  • The pedicure basins are drainless, which means that no dead water accumulates after use, which ensures better sanitation.

A basin sanitation protocol is generated following each use and respected by each technician.

  • During a foot treatment, we do not use any blades to cut calluses. Excess skin should be treated gently and sometimes over a few services.

  • Our pedicure tools are disinfected or disposed of in accordance with the standards mentioned above.

We are proud of our professionalism:

  • Our licenses are up to date and posted.

  • We will assess the health of your nails before any service, offer you solutions, as well as refer you to a doctor if necessary. It is important to let us know if you have any particular health conditions that may affect your service.

Diabetes is one of them, for which we will take special precautions during the treatment.

Recommendations can be made, in terms of maintaining your nails at home. We encourage you to understand your own role in the health of your nails, which will allow us to jointly have the most efficient result.
We are committed to keeping abreast of any developments in the field, in order to offer you a service that is as high quality as it is safe.

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